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I really did enjoy liveblogging yesterdays Great British Menu, so I’m going to do it again today!! Hoorah!!

18:27 : Dum-de-dum. I thought it was on at 6pm. I don’t like waiting

18:30 : Here we go, steak and chips on the menu today… hmmm


18:32 : Was he just getting excited about fucking LARD?!? Let me guess, he’s going to fry a Mars bar in it

18:35 : Haggis, you can’t deny that’s Scottish

18:36 : Please, can someone just draw a lightning bolt on his forehead?

18:38 : No, steak and chips ISN’T fancy enough. I mean, I could go for a big ol’ fuck off steak right now, but at a meal like that, no, jazz it up, and that doesn’t mean just cooking it in a water bath, you cock.

18:40 : Eliminating your opponents via blowing them up is frowned upon, I think

18:42 : This years series is essentially just an advert for the National Trust, isn’t it?

18:46 : I am so fucking hungry right now.

18:47 : Yes. Cooking chips is a fucking challenge…


18:49 : This meal best go down well, I’ve heard the steaks are high…. BOOM BOOM

18:51 : This is definitely my most sweary blog post to date

18:52 : Nom, haggis dish looks fantastic. That’s got to come out on top today

18:53 : You see, that just looks boring

18:54 : A purist wouldn’t call that a Scotch Pie, because it’s not 95% gristle

18:58 : Right, now I can go get something to eat


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Great British Menu

Just a quickpress blog post… but Great British Menu is just about to start, a double bill, no less!! Great… another cookery programme to absorb all my free time!!

I may try and do a weekly write up!! lol

18:02 : Oh heck, I may aswell live blog… also… MIDDLE AGED HARRY POTTER IS THE JUDGE/MENTOR FOR THIS WEEK!!

18:06 : SCOTCH PIE?!? That’s not a Scotch Pie, that sounds tasty. Scotch Pies should be fucking disgusting!

18:08 : Fucking prunes. Prunes can fuck off.

18:10 :  “oh yes, it tastes like chicken used to taste”… what’s that then?

18:12 : Ah, I love Middle Aged Harry Potter… he’s so camp

18:15 :  “traditional as possible”… traditional Scotch Pie is 80% gristle, and deep fried

18:20 : Cock-a-Leekie Terrine looks rubbish and bland

18:25 : I think Matt Smith’s Doctor has the adequate phrase for how I feel towards all three of these starters… “Why can’t you give me any decent food, you’re Scottish, fry something”

18:27 : I kinda like this new format to Great British Menu, three chefs, I get to drool over more tasty food… well, hopefully I’ll see some tasty food this week

18:29 : I swear the sitcom “Outnumbered” has appeared from nowhere, apparently it’s on it’s 4 series or something

18:30 : Oh, Camilla Parker Bowles is going to be at the final meal, best stock up on carrots for her!

18:34 : That looks lovely and low fat

18:35 : Wow, posh fucking prawn cocktail, whoopdy fucking doo

18:36 : Actually surprised nobody used any Scottish salmon… you know, Scotland, a country world fucking famous for salmon

18:39 : Right, what the fuck, Jennie Bond… since when has “The King of the Sea” been the lobster?, I googled it and found nothing about lobsters on the front page for images and regular results! You can’t just give things nicknames willy nilly

18:43 : A real king of the sea :

Not a lobster

Not a lobster

18:45 : Also, not to be confused with :

Seaking, The Pokémon

Seaking, The Pokémon

18:49 : Lobster in butter sauce, it doesn’t really say “SCOTLAND”, does it… mind you, neither do any of them… other than the Tattie Scones with the soup dish

18:51 : Is it just me, or does pink lobster, coated in green soup look fucking disgusting?

18:52 : And it’s got fucking salad cress on it. That can fuck right off

18:54 : Dear good lord, that’s a fucking monstrosity

18:55 : I’d rather just have some cold water prawns, ready cooked and peeled in some marie rose sauce, made with ketchup and mayonaisse

18:57 : Ah, he never stops being camp. I love him. Which is funny, considering how much I detest Harry Potter

18:58 : Ooh, I see steak tomorrow. Steak always wins with me!

18:59 : Great… nothing to watch now until Sophie Dahl in an hour and a half. “Oooh, look at me, I am the grand daughter of Roald Dahl, I’m doing my best impersonation of Nigella at the same time as doing an impersonation of Rachel Allen”… but she does have a good recipe for fudge!

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